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PIRATA statement in solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike in Chiapas prisons

To the jailed comrades in struggle in the jails of Chiapas,

To their families, friends and comrades,

To people with a free and rebellious heart.

From the PIRATA (Internationalist Platform for Resistance and Self-Management Weaving Autonomy) we stand in solidarity with the 20 jailed comrades in several jails in Chiapas, Mexico, which since March 15th began an indefinite hunger strike to demand freedom and justice.

We are comrades from several collectives in Mexico, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. We forcefully denounce the conditions of aggression, violence and harassment that they are suffering because they have embarked on the path of struggle. In these geographies we also know the horrible prison reality, because the repression of the social fighters is perpetrated terribly everywhere.

From our fighting barricades, some very distant geographically, we want to tell you that you are not alone. We deeply appreciate you for having taken this action, so forceful and so brave. We know the violations that you have suffered from the hands of the inhumane prison system, we know that you have lived in their own skin the submission to this repressive, unjust, ferocious system. We know that from there it is difficult listen your voice, so we will do everything possible so that you are not silenced, and that on the contrary your cries of rebelliousness go as far as possible, that your stories are known in many corners of the world and that you represent an example of dignity, a light of hope for all those who fight.

Free and rebellious hearts can not be enclosed!

Fire to all the prisons of the world!

Comrades from Pirata

April 8th, 2019

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